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Your Customers Can FINALLY Monetize ALL Their AI Tools

Revealed: NEW 3-Step "AI Side Hustle" Shows You How To Average $27,128 Per Month Providing Simple Services That You Can Fulfill With AI In A Matter of MINUTES!

… At ZERO Cost To You, No Experience Required, No Cold Calling Required, ZERO Sales Experience Needed and No Technical Experience Needed...

We Show You EVERYTHING - Even the EXACT location of our "FOUNTAIN of Clients" that are ASKING To Pay Someone TODAY!

A PROVEN Product with REAL Proof So your customers can get REAL results as well
Unique Product With a Unique Angle
Over $3,000 In Prizes via 2 Prize Pools
PROVEN, recurring income funnel for long-term earnings
MASS Appeal Product With ALL The Signs of a High-Converting Launch

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PROVEN Method With $81,384 In VERIFIED Sales In The Last 3 Months ALONE All From Providing Simple AI Services (Real Proof Revealed Below)
No Previous Experience Required - EVERYTHING is Revealed Inside This Blueprint With ALL The EXACT Resources We Use So everything is Literally Copy/Paste
You Can Deploy The ENTIRE System In A Matter of DAYS And Then "Run it" With Only A FEW Hours Per Week And Bring In 4-5 Figures Per Month!
ZERO "Hard" Selling Required, ZERO Cold Calling Required, Heck, you don’t even have to use your phone AT ALL if you don’t want to.
We reveal our method for Quickly Finding HUNDREDS of Clients PER DAY That Are Actively ASKING To PAY Someone To Perform Specific 4-Figure Services For Them!
We show you the EXACT Services and Niches We Recommend Sticking To Which Yield the HIGHEST Profit With The FASTEST Turn-Around Time So You Have even BETTER Chances For FASTER Results!
We Show You Our EXACT "Dummy-Proof" Process To Actually LAND These High-Ticket Clients So You Can Have FULL Control of How Much Profit You’d Like To Make
We Show You The EXACT AI Tools We Use To Fulfill These Services At RECORD Speed So You Can Quickly Get Even MORE Clients!
And much much more!! (We reveal EVERYTHING and NO STONE is Left Unturned)

 TRUTH:  Finding And Getting Clients Is HARD, Right?!

Let’s be honest for a second, shall we? It is REALLY hard. And anyone that tells you otherwise is lying or has never actually gone through the process of landing a client.

Finding and closing clients is one of the HARDEST ways to make money online.

First You Have To FIND The Clients which means:

Using A Lead Scraper (which MOST of them scrape leads from ALL the same places!)

Grab Your Phone And Start COLD CALLING (Ughhhh - Who actually enjoys cold calling?)

Go To Local Meet-ups, Chamber of Commerce meetings, HappyHours, etc and TALK to local businesses to try and get them to hire you (again, who actually wants to do this?)

And That’s Not Even Talking About Getting The Clients To Actually BUY Your Services!!!

For That Part of The Equation You Need To:

Convince them WHY they need your service
Sell YOURSELF as being the BEST person to perform that job for them
Be REALLY good at sales
Learn (or already know) how to “overcome objections”
Know HOW and WHEN to Go for the “close” or “hard close” to get them to actually BUY!

This is Exhausting, Right?

I feel exhausted just reading the whole sales process of getting clients lol

However just because that process is HARD, doesn’t mean it can’t happen FAST and doesn’t mean it’s NOT one of the MOST profitable strategies you can deploy!

Yup, collecting a 4-5 figure Check from A Local Client, might be HARD, BUT it can happen in a matter of DAYS!!!

However, What If It DIDN’T Have TO Be HARD?

What if We Showed You A Process To Land 4-5 Figure Clients That Was Both EASY And FAST!

I’m Talking About A PROVEN Strategy Where:

You Do NOT Have To Use A Lead Scraper
You Do NOT Have To Do ANY Cold Calling
You Do NOT Have To Go To ANY "Meetups"
You Do NOT Have To Do ANY Cold Calling
You Do NOT Have To Be Good At Sales
You Do NOT Have To "Close" Clients
You Do NOT Have To Do ANY Selling AT ALL!

In Fact, We’re Going To Show You EXACTLY Where You Can Find HUNDREDS Of Clients EVERY DAY

Who Are Actively Asking For Someone To Provide Specific Services For Them!

And We’re Going To Show You How You Can Turn Those Clients Into BIG Paydays Like THIS:

Where You Can See We Cleared $52,613 In The First Month of 2024!

And Another $22,986 In November of 2023!

And Imagine Being Able To Take The ENTIRE Month Of December "Off" And Still Make $5,785 Like This:

And Here’s Another $29,640 In August of 2023!

And Another $50,850 In July!

And Another $45,867 In June!

If you Average That Out, It Comes Out To $27,128 Per MONTH Even Though We Took An ENTIRE Month "Off" Which Means

You Can SCALE This System As High or Low As You Want!

And We’ve Streamlined Everything Into A PROVEN, Repeatable 3-Step Process:

Step 1

Use Our PROVEN Source For Quickly Finding And Getting Clients That Are ASKING To Have Simple Services Completed FOR THEM!

Yup, in step #1, you’re going to Learn How I Get Clients to pay $300-$3000 for Jobs that you can quickly Fulfill with A.I. at ZERO cost to you.

Instead of having to “chase” clients or COLD call clients, or do ANY sort of “hard selling” we will provide you with EXACTLY where you can find HUNDREDS of clients that are READY to pay you each and every day. These are clients that will tell you EXACTLY what they need and they’ll even tell you EXACTLY how much they’re willing to PAY for the job.

This takes A LOT of the guesswork out of the equation so that you can quickly cherry pick the jobs you want to focus on to make as much profit as you’d like.

We also recommend which niches and services we recommend sticking with if you want to simplify the process even MORE!

Step 2

Follow The EXACT Step-By-Step Process And Tools We Use To FULFILL the Orders Quickly With AI!

This is probably the EASIEST part of the process. Most of you already have ALL the AI tools you’d need to fulfill these orders too.

But even if you don’t, we’ll be showing you the EXACT A.I. tools we use to fulfill your orders, & the best tools to use to scale to 6-figures.

And The BEST PART? When using these tools properly it will take you MINUTES to “complete” the order with A.I so you can quickly move on to the next job!

Step 3

Deliver The Project To Your Client And Get PAID!

This is the best part, right? You finally getting PAID! haha We’ll be showing you exactly how to deliver the order and get paid so you can repeat this strategy to your desired income goals!

Want to make more? Just step on the GAS with our process. Prefer to just make a quick $5k-10k/m? You can easily do that with VERY minimal effort following this process.

This is The EASIEST "Side-Hustle" You’ll Ever Come Across From Quickly Profiting 4-5 Figures With The AI Tools You Already Have Access To!

In Fact, here are just a handful of our students that Have Gotten REAL Results By Implementing This Simple 3-Step Process!

Talk About Awesome, Right?

Our PROVEN, High-Converting Funnel

Sales Funnel and Commissions


SerpSling Agency

The FE is going to be access to our main SerpSling platform with Agency rights.

This will allows you to perform a certain amount of keyword research and analysis to find some "golden nugget" keywords at a one-time payment. 

You’ll also be able to use our platform for your clients.


SerpSling Agency+

Upgrade #1 will be the option to lock the discounted rate of your chosen package. During the initial launch, we’re offering HUGE discounts on all our packages and we understand that many of you would like to ensure you keep that discount long-term. 

In upgrade #1, you’ll have the option to do so, plus you’ll be able to get DOUBLE credits AND unlock our exclusive Keyword Rank Tracker on this page as well as a HUGE bonus. The best part? you’ll just need to put down $1 to secure your discount.


SerpSling Audit + VA

Upgrade #2 will be a special 2-part offer that will help you get even more traffic and rankings while minimizing the amount of work that you actually have to do. On this page you’ll be able to unlock our Website Auditing Feature which is PERFECT for anyone who has an existing website (or a clients website) that is struggling to get better rankings. Our Auditor will be able to take ANY url and tell you EXACTLY why they’re not ranking on page 1. It’ll tell you ALL the issues like slow loading pages, bad optimization, broken links, etc etc so that you can quickly fix them and open the floodgates of free traffic to your sites.

The second part of this offer will be to unlock our Sub-User’s license. This will REALLY minimize your workload by allowing you to quickly outsource to a VA to handle your research for you. You’ll be able to secure up to 5 VA licenses at a huge discount!

You’ll be able to unlock BOTH of these features for a one-time payment of $37!


DFY Authority Special

Upgrade/OTO 3 is going to be a very special offer for our DFY Authority app. DFY Authority is our Done-For-You Web-Bot that Finds High-Value, Expired Domains That Are Available RIGHT NOW For $10 (or Less) That You Can start using right away to secure your page 1 rankings for your SerpSling keywords.

Leveraging the power of an authority, aged domain with your SerpSling keywords will give you a MASSIVE advantage over your competition. And DFY Authority will work for you EVERY day to find you amazing domains. This will be a one-time payment of $47.


DFY Suite 5.0 Special

Upgrade/OTO 4 is a special offer for DFY Suite. DFY Suite is our powerful platform where you will be able to take your syndication to the NEXT level and have us do ALL The work for you as well. Combining PR Scribe with DFY Suite will make Sure Your niche sites SHOOT and STICK To The First Page For The LONG-TERM!.

Inside of DFY Suite we’ll build Web 2.0 links for you, Private Blog Network links for you, Wiki links for you, Have local citations built for you, Google Map Embeds for Local rankings, YouTube Embeds for fast video rankings and much much more!!

It’s the PERFECT fit so you can complete the ENTIRE Page 1 ranking circle without having to do ANY of the work yourself. Plus, you’ll be getting an INSANE discount for one of our MOST popular packages at a ONE-TIME payment of just $67

$3,100 Up For Grabs Via 2 Phases

Prize Pool #1

MOST Sales From The Regular Funnel:

Phase 1

Contest Phase 1

Start Date: April  11th @ 11 AM EST
End Date: April 13 @ 23:59 EST











Phase 2

Contest Phase 1

Start Date: April 14th @ 00:00 EST
End Date: April 15th @ Midnight PST











NOTE: You must earn the equivalent of your prize to qualify for the contest or your prizes will be prorated based on your earnings.

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